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first season (1994-1995)

  1. pilot episode, First Contact  (2 hours)
  2. The Man Who Fell to Earth (Two)
  3. Life Lessons
  4. Promises, Promises
  5. A Memory Play
  6. Natural Born Grendlers
  7. Water 
  8. The Church of Morgan
  9. The Enemy Within
  10. Redemption
  11. Moon Cross
  12. Better Living Through Morganite, part I
  13. Better Living Through Morganite, part II
  14. Grendlers In the Myst
  15. The Greatest Love Story Never Told
  16. Brave New Pacifica
  17. The Boy Who Would Be Terrian King
  18. After the Thaw
  19. Survival of the Fittest
  20. Flower Child
  21. All About Eve <LAST>

Note: "Natural Born Grendlers" was filmed to air after "A Memory Play" but did not air until summer reruns (original NBC run). "After the Thaw" aired before "The Boy Who Would Be Terrian King", but is actually set after. [See Episode Guide for more information.]

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