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Episodes Guide

1) First Contact
collage with scenes from First Contact, the pilot episode
Cast: Devon, John, Yale, True, Uly, Morgan, Bess, Julia, Alonzo. Regulars: Walman, Magus, Baines, Eben, Denner, Mazatl, Cameron, Zero. Guest stars: Broderick O’Neill (Richard Bradford), Sheila (Hedy Thom), Dison Blalock (David Clennon), Navigator (Marcia Firestein), Gaal (Tim Curry).

Narrator: DevonDate Reference: 22 years in cold sleep / days 0-4 on G889 (per Devon’s commentary)

Synopsis: We meet our intrepid explorers as they are preparing to embark on their journey from the space stations to G889. Commander O’Neill shows Devon a transmission for a news story set to air in 9 hours that indicates their ship has blown up and they were all killed. Devon makes the decision to leave right then. Danziger manages to eject the bomb during their take-off. Dr. Vazquez, the lead doctor, has disobeyed orders and is on the Colony ship rather than the Eden Advance ship. Since Julia is the least senior member of his team, Devon is not happy with the situation. Once arriving at G889, the communications dish is deployed. However, the cargo pods will not release, causing the ship to crash. The Martins take off in one of the escape pods. Morgan lies to Bess that the wind-shear tore them away, but John knows better. The rest of our 16 regulars and Commander O’Neill are aboard another escape pod. Alonzo suffers multiple leg fractures in the crash. True discovers a koba. The group hikes to one of their cargo pods only to discover they’ve been robbed and are therefore not alone on the planet as they’d been led by government probes to believe. The cargo pod does yield a zero unit, a transrover and various other supplies. John overhears Devon and Yale discussing possible routes to New Pacifica and informs Devon she can’t continue to simply order everybody around. He suggests she put her plans to a vote. O’Neill and Danziger follow the tracks from the cargo pod, but before they discover who has taken their goods, O’Neill is struck by the koba and dies. Uly is taken by the terrians. Alonzo discovers they are trying to communicate with them via a dreamplane. Devon promises them anything they want if they will only return her son. John finally finds Uly, who seems miraculously healed. Devon puts their future plans to a vote and all agree to set off for New Pacifica.

Oops!: Bess’s sweet country accent only lasts for one scene. When discussing the news story O’Neill tells Devon the story is set to air in 9 hours, but when he asks Alonzo their status, Alonzo replies “We’re at zero minus eight-and-a-half hours.”

My 2¢: This was a good beginning. The characters were all three-dimensional right from the start. I like that Devon is written and portrayed as the natural leader of the group. The character of John is in the background for the first part of the story, but then emerges as a supplementary leader as well. The family bonds between Devon, Uly, and Yale, as well as those between John and True, are very well acted and believable. Morgan is perfectly introduced, practicing his stern demeanor in the elevator as he approaches the comm deck, and then totally blowing it when he arrives. From the beginning you know his character is somewhat smarmy, somewhat endearing, and the definite comic relief.

Favorite quote(s):

  • Devon (to O’Neill, upon discovering there is a bomb on board): “No, we have to leave now.”
  • Morgan (to Bess, about Devon): “Miss Stop-the-world-my-son-is-sick, my-cyborg-tudor-and-I-want-to-get-off. I mean what pretension.”
  • John (to Devon, after overhearing her plans): “You’re crazier than I’d heard!”
  • Devon (to Yale, after Uly’s disappearance): “What was I thinking, Yale? Why did I bring all these people here?”
  • Yale (to Devon, in reply): “You did not bring them, Devon. They followed you.”

Dev & Danz Factor: The chemistry is evident right from the start. They have that great argument scene where Devon appears to not know his name. And their eye contact during Devon’s speech in the vote scene indicated they were made for each other.

2) The Man Who Fell to Earth (Two)
collage with scenes from The Man Who Fell to Earth (Two)
Cast: Devon, John, Yale, True, Uly, Morgan, Bess, Julia, Alonzo. Regulars: Walman, Magus, Baines, Eben, Denner, Mazatl, Cameron, Zero. Guest stars: Broderick O’Neill (Richard Bradford), Gaal (Tim Curry).

Narrator: JohnDate Reference: 3rd day (per John’s beginning commentary)

Synopsis: While searching for firewood, True and Uly stumble upon Gaal. He claims to be an astronaut who has been stranded all alone on the planet for 15 years. He tells the group multiple lies about G889 and its inhabitants. Morgan is stung by True’s pet koba. When Gaal explains the sting is not truly fatal, our explorers are horrified to learn they buried O’Neill alive. When they go back they discover his empty grave. He eventually turns up at their camp. Later, O’Neill discovers Gaal’s secret lair and Gaal orders the grendlers to kill him. The episode ends with the caravan once again setting off, now joined by Gaal.

Oops!: In the beginning narrative John mentions it is their third day on the planet, yet Devon stated they landed on the planet four days ago in the narration at the end of First Contact. Jessica Steen is listed as playing “Julia Stern, MD” in the opening credits. At one point Devon tells Gaal they are heading east, yet New Pacifica is on the west coast. She also tells him they plan to be in New Pacifica within eleven months, yet in the pilot she stated they would be there in nine months.

My 2¢: I love the scene when John teaches Uly how to run. The scene when Devon tells Uly to get his immunosuit is very good as well. J. Madison Wright continues to impress in her spot on portrayal of True. The scene when she attempts to apologize to Bess is well done. I liked how John and O’Neill are shown to totally distrust Gaal; Yale and Devon are obviously reserving judgment; Julia is subtly pumping him for info; Morgan is trying to suck up and Alonzo, Magus, and the others are falling for his act hook, line, and sinker.

Favorite quote(s):

  • John (in narrative): “And me, some nomad on a six-wheeled camel, looking for shade.”
  • Yale (to Devon, about Uly): “The boy certainly has your stubborn streak, doesn’t he?”
  • John (in narrative, about Gaal): “Someone should tell him I’m not the welcoming kind.”
  • Morgan (to Bess, about True): “Don’t leave me, please. Not with her.”
  • Bess (to Morgan, in reply): “She’s good people, Morgan.”
  • Broderick (to Uly): “Well, welcome to the world of the breathing.”

Dev & Danz Factor: Still very much beneath the surface in this episode. They continue to bicker their way across the continent. Their best scene is the heated discussion they have about raising children.

3) Life Lessons
collage with scenes from Life Lessons
Cast: Devon, John, Yale, True, Uly, Morgan, Bess, Julia, Alonzo. Regulars: Walman, Magus, Baines, Eben, Denner, Mazatl, Cameron, Zero. Guest stars: Gaal (Tim Curry).

Narrator: TrueDate Reference: 2 weeks (per True’s beginning commentary)

Synopsis: Gaal attempts to steal the transrover. True is unhappy with all of the rules she must follow and having to attend school. Julia makes Alonzo a leg brace and wants to start him on a physical therapy regime, but he isn’t interested. Julia develops a canister she thinks may be food, but which turns out to be a horse that Uly names Pegasus. True wants one of her own, but the second horse dies. Gaal manipulates True by playing on her loneliness and jealousy. Food is missing and Devon and Yale suspect Gaal. Yale scans his memory banks and learns Gaal is really a penal colonist. True sneaks Gaal the horse, but John catches up to them before Gaal can abscond with her. The horse runs away.

Oops!: John tells Walman the dune-rail’s solar converter is shattered, but a moment later tells Devon and Yale its crystal fuse is missing. When he starts working on repairs he removes the shattered solar converter, yet later Gaal gives a grendler the crystal fuse.

My 2¢: A so-so episode with numerous inconsistencies. We’re still getting to know all of the characters. J. Madison Wright does a good job of portraying True’s confusion and anger; however, the writers have her character all over the map. She learns Gaal’s real character when she overhears him talking to the grendlers and feeding them his blood, yet she still trusts him to sneak him the horse and want to see him again.

Favorite quote(s):

  • John (to Yale): “You know, your boss is a little too friendly for my taste.”
  • Yale (to John, in reply): “She’s a smart woman, John.
  • Morgan (to Bess): “What? What ‘Oh, dear?’ I hate your ‘Oh, dears,’ Bess. They’re never good.”
  • John (to Morgan, when facing food rationing he suggests they eat the horse): “That’s the spirit. Just keep up those happy thoughts guys.”

Dev & Danz Factor: They only have two short scenes together, the best of which is when Dev asks Danz if, given everything that has happened, he thinks they’re cursed.

4) Promises, Promises
mural with scenes from Promises Promises
Cast: Devon, John, Yale, True, Uly, Morgan, Bess, Julia, Alonzo. Regulars: Walman, Magus, Baines, Eben, Denner, Mazatl, Cameron, Zero. Guest stars: Gaal (Tim Curry).

Narrator: AlonzoDate Reference: traveling for “weeks” (per Alonzo’s beginning commentary)

Synopsis: Our colonists experience their first rainfall. They are alarmed at first, but joyful when they discover it’s non-toxic. John and the others find out about the promise Devon made to the terrians. Uly becomes sick again. They travel to a mountain range to try to help the terrians. True contacts Gaal thinking he will use his magic to help Uly. Devon and John follow a terrian and discover the tribe has been imprisoned by Gaal. True overhears Devon and John talking about Gaal and runs away to warn him. But when she discovers he’s torturing the terrians, she realizes he’s been lying to her. She calls the rover by remote. During a stand-off between Gaal and John, True manages to free the terrians and rip off Gaal’s terrian bones necklace which had prevented the terrians from fighting back. The terrians then pull Gaal beneath the ground. One of the terrians has died. The tribe cures Uly again.

Oops!: I've read speculation that the cut on Alonzo’s forehead may be the one that occurred in Natural Born Grendlers, but everything else in Promises, Promises indicates it takes place directly after Life Lessons, particularly the scene when True comes to apologize to Uly. (This makes sense now knowing that Alonzo’s subplot in Natural Born Grendlers was originally filmed as part of Life Lessons.) In the scene where Devon asks Alonzo how they can help the terrians, the boom mike can clearly be seen behind Debrah and Clancy.

My 2¢: A good relationship episode if not the best plot in the world. Devon and True have a poignant bonding scene when True comes to apologize to Uly about Pegasus running away. The time-lapse scene of Devon keeping vigil by Uly’s bedside is well done. Plus there are a lot of great John and True scenes, particularly the last scene when he apologizes to her.

Favorite quote(s):

  • John (to Uly): “Hey, you listen to your mother.”
  • Devon (to John, About True): “I know she gave you a big scare, but she’s really a good girl.”
  • Morgan (to Devon and Alonzo): “Those mountains? Those completely out of our way mountains?”
  • Julia (to Yale and Devon): “Dirt. I get plain dirt.”

Dev & Danz Factor: This is the first episode where there are a lot of D&D one-on-one moments.

5) A Memory Play
collage with scenes from A Memory Play
Cast: Devon, John, Yale, True, Uly, Morgan, Bess, Julia, Alonzo. Regulars: Walman, Magus, Baines, Eben, Denner, Mazatl, Cameron, Zero. Guest stars: Alex Wentworth (LaTanya Richardson), Les Firestein (Julius Carry)

Narrator: DevonDate Reference: week 3 (per Devon’s beginning commentary)

Synopsis: Tensions are running high. Yale and Devon have to break up a shoving match between John, Walman, and Alonzo. Devon is fed-up with the finger pointing and asks Yale to review his digitized memories to determine if the crash was an accident or not. True finds a grave that belongs to a member of the Eden Advance team. While searching for the other evac pod, Walman, Bess, and Morgan find another grave. John and Baines locate the pod along with another body. The only surviving members are old friends of John’s, Alex and Les, who tell them they are dying of a contagious disease. Morgan confesses to Bess about how he released their pod without waiting for other people and Bess makes him confess to the group, though she does most of the talking. The grendler who has been stalking Morgan drools on him and when he runs into the med tent he flings the saliva everywhere contaminating Julia’s samples. After Alex dies, Les confesses to sabotaging the ship. However, Julia discovers a neuro-motivational chip implanted in Alex’s brain during her autopsy. Morgan trades all of his clothes to the grendler for a thermos of its saliva from which Julia fashions a cure, but not in time to save Les. In the series most shocking surprise, in the last scene of the episode we learn that Julia is a Council spy.

Oops!: Wentworth and Firestein explain during a gear conference with John, Devon, and Julia that the members in their evac pod split up into three or more groups and all headed in different directions when they couldn’t agree. These other crew members are never mentioned again in the series. Also, Morgan understands the grendler wants to trade, which seems to indicate the events in Natural Born Grendlers have already happened. This episode is out of order on the UK/region 2 DVD release.

My 2¢: A very good episode that reveals a lot of John’s backstory. I loved Alex and Les and wish we’d somehow seen more of them.

Favorite quote(s):

  • Walman (to Bess and Morgan): “Full-proof method.” [then shouting] “Eden Project!”
  • Bess (to group, about Morgan): “But I know this man better than the rest of you. And deep down, very deep down, he is a most generous person.”
  • Julia (to Morgan): “There’s a disinfectant bath out back. Why don’t you go and stick your hands in it? And your head while you’re at it.”
  • Morgan (to Yale): “My God, couldn’t you be a little more comforting?”
  • Yale (to Morgan, in reply): “I’m sorry, no. I suppose I can say you’re only suffering from extreme guild-induced paranoia. Then again, I’m not a doctor, am I?”

Dev & Danz Factor: There is a short, but pivotal scene, when John knows he’s caught the virus. While talking with Devon on gear he asks her to look after True.

6) Natural Born Grendlers
collage with scenes from Natural Born Grendlers
Cast: Devon, John, Yale, True, Uly, Morgan, Bess, Julia, Alonzo. Regulars: Walman, Magus, Baines, Eben, Denner, Mazatl, Cameron. Guest stars: older Lydia (Louise Latham), younger Lydia (Amy Hathaway) [Note: Zero does not appear in this episode.]

Narrator: YaleDate Reference: 4 weeks (per Devon, when talking with Yale)

Synopsis: Morgan is playing in VR while everyone else works to break camp. Despite Bess’ attempt to cover for him, Devon knows what’s up. Alonzo is not dealing well with his forced planet time and asks Julia to place him in cold sleep until they reach New Pacifica, but she refuses. A grendler comes to camp with fruit. Devon thinks he’s trying to give it them, but the grendler rips the solar panel off the dune-rail which Walman promptly shoots, delaying their departure. Later, Bess trades Morgan’s VR gear for some of the fruit. When Bess, Devon, and Yale return for more bartering, they discover the grendler has many of their supplies from a cargo pod. Bess wants to get the geolock, but Devon thinks the hover scout is more important. Unfortunately, it turns out to be broken. Bess secretly goes back and trades a utensil necklace for the geolock and Morgan’s VR gear. At first she is going to share the geolock with the group against Morgan’s wishes, but when Devon tells her it is low on their list of priorities, Bess decides to keep it a secret. Meanwhile, Alonzo takes the ATV out and crashes when a terrian prevents him from driving off a cliff. He dreams of Lydia, a woman he once dated. Julia and Devon want to mount a search, but John insists it’s pointless in the dark and they must wait until morning. Alonzo comes back on his own, feeling much better about life.

Oops!: This episode did not air during the original NBC run until summer repeats. It is out of order on the US/region 1 DVD release as well as the UK/region 2 DVD release. Parts of the episode were filmed during Life Lessons (Pegasus, the horse, can be glimpsed briefly), but the Alonzo subplot was cut from that episode and reworked as the subplot for this one. However, the timeline mentioned means it takes place here (between A Memory Play which is set three weeks after the crash and Water in which Alonzo’s broken leg is finally healed).

My 2¢: Given that the timeline indicates this episode takes place after A Memory Play, Devon looks foolish when she doesn’t understand the grendler wants to barter for the fruit. Of course it’s equally strange that none of the others in the group speak up about it either. It was nice to finally get some backstory on Bess and Morgan and see more of their relationship. Though Devon did come off as condescending when she thinks Bess doesn’t know how to work gear, Bess stands up for herself. So Bess’ level of upset with Devon later seems way out of proportion, especially since Devon does tell Bess she’s doing a great job. It’s obvious Bess has faced prejudice in the past over being from Earth so it’s easy to be sympathetic toward her. But even given her background Bess totally overreacts in the scene when she tells Devon to stop treating her like an employee.

Favorite quote(s):

  • John (to Devon): “Maybe you miscalculated the effect hiking across a continent can have on a person’s appetite.”
  • Devon (to Bess, about Morgan): “He is an adult, Bess. I don’t want to tell you your business, but why don’t you treat him as one?”
  • True (to Devon, when she asks John if he can fix the rail): “He can fix almost anything. It’s just a question of how long.”
  • Bess (to Devon, when she asks if she knows how to use the gear): “Devon, you’d be amazed at the things I know.”
  • Julia (to Alonzo): “I’ve brought you some pain-blockers.” [then under her breath] “Although at this point, I’d rather see you suffer.”

Dev & Danz Factor: No one-on-one D&D in this episode. In two of the few scenes they’re both in, he’s mumbling about her: when he overhears her talk with Yale regarding their food supply and when he mutters “I’m not the one who approached the creature, am I?” under his breath while trying to fix the dune-rail. But True’s presence in the dune-rail scene, when she tells Devon what her dad said, actually makes the situation rather comical.

7) Water
collage with scenes from Water
Cast: Devon, John, Yale, True, Uly, Morgan, Bess, Julia, Alonzo. Regulars: Walman, Magus, Baines, Eben, Denner, Mazatl, Cameron. Guest stars: Reilly (Terry O’Quinn) [Note: Zero does not appear in this episode.]

Narrator: BessDate Reference: none given

Synopsis: Julia meets with Reilly for the first time in VR. Feeling distrustful, she refuses to give him the group’s location. Reilly claims the Council was not responsible for the bomb or crash and that it was Blalock. When grendlers steal the group’s water supply for the containers, Devon and John set off in search for more. The rail inexplicably runs out of power and they are forced to stop to charge it. Terrians appear and when Devon prevents John from shooting at them, he hits their small supply of water. Devon decides they should walk the ridge and they spot the lake. Devon wants to walk there, but John thinks they should take the rail. During their discussion, Devon informs John she issued payroll on departure, so John and the ops crew members are already debt free on the Stations. When John demands to know why Devon still acts like the boss, she agrees they’ll take the rail to demonstrate she’s open to suggestions. Julia finally manages to create a plasma DNA spliced pill that heals Alonzo’s broken leg. Devon and John are knocked unconscious by the terrians’ staffs. When they wake up they are tied to the side of the cliff and the rail is buried. Once they manage to get free they walk to the lake only to discover it is contaminated. John passes out on their walk back. Devon finds the rail now parked over an underground water source. The terrians also give John moisture from a cactus-type plant. Devon drives back to John and explains they now have plenty of water. Meanwhile, Alonzo kisses Julia, but she later tells him it was a mistake. Devon tells Julia she’s doing an exceptional job. John throws water at Devon starting a group-wide water fight.

My 2¢: One of the top three episodes and on most days my favorite. This episode clearly establishes that Devon and John work best as a team, but when push-comes-to-shove, Devon is the one in charge. We learn a lot of both John's and Devon’s backstories, as well as about life on the stations in general. There are numerous wonderful Devon and John scenes running the gamut of dramatic to comical, as well as the start of the great Julia-the-spy story arc. There’s also the fantastic group water fight scene at the end, one of the few times we get to see the group relaxing and having fun together.

Favorite quote(s):

  • John (to Devon, when she asks him what about her bothers him so much): “You’re too confident and optimistic.”
  • Devon (to John): “Well, I rely on you to be skeptical enough for all of us.”
  • John (to Devon): “You can say you told me so.”

Dev & Danz Factor: Though we’ve had glimpses here and there, this is the first episode the writers really focus on the mutual attraction and sexual tension between Devon and John.

8) The Church of Morgan
collage with scenes from The Church of Morganite
Cast: Devon, John, Yale, True, Uly, Morgan, Bess, Julia, Alonzo. Regulars: Walman, Magus, Baines, Eben, Denner, Mazatl, Cameron, Zero. Guest stars: Reilly (Terry O’Quinn), Alonzo’s VR dance partner (Virginia Madsen)

Narrator: JuliaDate Reference: Day 38 (per Julia’s beginning commentary), week 5 (per Yale)

Synopsis: Though he insists he is not a priest, Bess confesses to Yale that she has cheated on Morgan, at least in her mind. Julia tells Reilly that Uly is exhibiting terrian traits and Reilly orders her to remove the pineal gland as he’s convinced it is the key to the Council controlling the planet. When Bess talks to Morgan, he moves out of their tent and proceeds to suspect every man in the group. Devon goes to Julia with her concerns about Uly’s behavior. Julia tells Reilly she will test Uly’s spinal fluid. Morgan tells Alonzo how he was married once before, for three months. Alonzo explains to Morgan that because marriage contracts abide by Station time, he and Bess are no longer legally married. Bess is shocked that Morgan would even consider they aren’t married due to the technicality. She has a long talk with Devon about it. Morgan is devastated when Bess tells him she thinks their marriage was a mistake. Julia drugs Walman, who is on guard duty, and Devon, so that she can secretly operate on Uly, but stops the harvesting surgery when a terrian appears to tell her she’ll be killing humanity. Bess overhears Morgan’s VR talk with her father when he states he’s always thought Bess would eventually leave him. Devon and Yale are concerned when Uly won’t wake up. Bess and Morgan remarry, for life. Julia lies to Reilly that Uly no longer has a pineal gland.

Oops!: Yale assures Bess that his memory-wash has held and he’s never had a violent tendency, yet in Promises, Promises he insists John shoot Gaal and when John puts down the gun because he is afraid he’ll hit True, Yale managed to fire the gun at Gaal’s weapon.

My 2¢: A well-balanced blend of fun and drama that explores the Martins’ marriage and has Julia in full spy mode. It was very nice to see Devon and Bess becoming friends, particularly given Bess’ attitude in Natural Born Grendlers. This is also one of the only other times we get to see the whole group having fun together: in this case, at the Martins’ VR wedding reception.

Favorite quote(s):

  • Yale (to Bess, when she says she needs to make a confession): “Bess, I…I can pull up a prayer for you or a section of the Bible, but I am not a priest.”
  • Morgan (to Bess): “Oh great! Another man that I happen to be on an extended camping trip from hell with.”
  • Julia (to Reilly, when he asks why she wants to run tests on Uly first): “Because I’m not about to harvest organs on a random guess from some maniac with a sharp spoon.”
  • Devon (to Bess): “And I’m sure there’s a lot of good in Morgan as well. There must be if a woman like you married him.”
  • Bess (to Devon): “If I learned one thing from my father, I learned to look life in the eye. Mistakes and all.”
  • John (to Morgan): “The answer’s your own insecurity. You know what you’re going to find at the end of your investigation? Loneliness.”

Dev & Danz Factor: Practically none, just a quick snippet of a scene when John insists Devon dance by dragging her to the dance floor. However, the camera then zooms in on Uly staring at Julia, so we don’t even get to see them dancing together. Sigh!

9) The Enemy Within
collage with scenes from The Enemy Within
Cast: Devon, John, Yale, True, Uly, Morgan, Bess, Julia, Alonzo. Regulars: Walman, Magus, Baines, Eben, Denner, Mazatl, Cameron, Zero. Guest stars: Reilly (Terry O’Quinn), Jesse James (John David Garfield), Frank James (Clifford Happy)

Narrators: Julia and Devon Date Reference: Day 49 (per Julia’s beginning commentary)

Synopsis: Because Reilly wants to kidnap Uly, Julia convinces Reilly to allow her to experiment injecting Uly’s DNA in an effort to make her the link to the terrians. She argues she’d be the better choice since she’s an adult and Uly is an eight-year old spoiled mama’s boy. Bess tries to play matchmaker between Julia and Alonzo. Devon confronts Julia regarding the needle-mark on Uly’s back and doesn’t quite buy the doctor’s nonchalant explanation. Julia apologizes to Alonzo for pushing him away and tells him she’s afraid he will break her heart. However, the next morning she has no memory of it. Despite the short term memory loss she continues her experiment. True spots Julia talking to Reilly in VR when a terrian appears. His screeching hurts Julia’s ears, but she’s convinced she just needs to inject more DNA to complete her transformation. Because she doesn’t fully trust Reilly she decides to confide in Morgan, thinking he will understand. But upon hearing the news he wants to tell Devon. Julia attacks him when he tries to leave. In the morning everyone is looking for Morgan who has been missing the entire night. Julia tells Devon she hasn’t seen him, but when Devon leaves Julia is horrified to find a ripped piece of his jacket in her pocket. She tells Reilly, but True joins them in VR and Reilly orders Julia to catch her. True manages to get back to camp before Julia, but John doesn’t believe her. Julia comes out of her tent and tells everyone she’s been in her lab for the past hour. When True demands to know why no one believes her, Bess sneaks in behind Julia and drugs her. Yale taps into Julia’s medical files and tells Devon, John, and Bess about the experiment. Julia wakes up and sneaks away to look for Morgan and Devon follows her. When Devon confronts Julia, she attacks Devon and in the ensuing struggle kicks her off a cliff. Then it’s revealed they are in VR and that Julia is really tied up in the med tent. Using the coordinates Devon got, Bess and John find Morgan. When Julia wakes up the next morning she discovers she’s all alone in camp and that Eden Advance has left her behind. Yale points out the fact that Julia experimented on her son and tried to kill her, but despite all that Devon is concerned how Julia will manage to survive without them.

Oops!: In The Church of Morgan Julia states they are 7600 kilometers from New Pacifica. At the end of this episode Devon states they are 3100 miles away. 7600 km equals 4722.6399 miles / 4987.9 kilometers equals 3100 miles. Which means they have supposedly traveled 2612.1 kilometers (1623 miles) total or 237.46 km (147.55 miles) per day in the time between episodes. In the pilot, Devon estimates they hoped to cover an average of 20 km per day.

My 2¢: I remember during the original NBC run having to wait three weeks between The Church of Morgan and The Enemy Within and then having to wait another two weeks until Redemption aired — such torture! Despite everything Julia has done, she is still a sympathetic character. And Jessica Steen did an excellent job of portraying her torn loyalties. Though Devon soon has second thoughts, the group’s decision to leave Julia behind wasn’t as cruel at it could seem because they believed she’d get in touch with her contact and they would pick her up.

Favorite quote(s):

  • Uly (to True, in VR): “You weren’t supposed to run. This game was my choice. I set the rules.”
  • True (to Uly, in reply): “Yeah, and I end up prairie dust. Come on, hand over the badge.”
  • Julia (to Reilly, who hints the Council may name a continent after her family): “Yeah. Maybe they’ll call it Hell.”
  • John (to Morgan, when asked about the vehicles’ maintenance logs): “They break. I fix ‘em. You’re updated.”
  • Morgan (to Julia, about the Council): “Julia, those people can do terrible things!”
  • Bess (to group, after drugging Julia): “I believe you, True.”
  • Devon (to Yale): “How’s she gonna survive without us with her, Yale?”

Dev & Danz Factor: Unfortunately another episode without any one-on-one D&D time. We have to settle for a few glances during the group scenes.

10) Redemption
collage with scenes from Redemption
Cast: Devon, John, Yale, True, Uly, Morgan, Bess, Julia, Alonzo. Regulars: Walman, Magus, Baines, Eben, Denner, Mazatl, Cameron, Zero. Guest stars: Reilly (Terry O’Quinn), the Z.E.D. (Jeff Kober)

Narrator: DevonDate Reference: Day 51 (per Devon’s beginning commentary)

Synopsis: Alonzo goes back for Julia. Early the next morning, while the group is camped awaiting their return, John takes the dune-rail out to scout ahead. Alonzo gives Devon the device Julia used to communicate with Reilly. Yale is shot in the shoulder and Julia operates to remove the self-propelled bore bullet. Devon listens in when Julia contacts Reilly who orders her to get the bullet as far from camp as possible. Julia throws it just before it explodes. Meanwhile, John has his gear turned off. When Julia contacts Reilly again, both Devon and Morgan listen in. Alonzo is shot in the leg. While looking for a mountain pass, John locates the ZED’s camp. He finally calls in on his gear and is shot while talking with Devon. He manages to turn his gear back on when the ZED begins to interrogate him. Baines pinpoints his location before the ZED destroys John’s gear. Julia lies to Reilly that the ZED shot and took Uly so that Reilly will tell her how to stop him. Devon and Julia plan to sedate rather than kill the ZED. The ZED breaks Julia’s arm, but she manages to sedate him. She then talks Devon through the surgery as Dev operates on John to remove the bullet. They learn from the ZED that Reilly is on a satellite in orbit before his suicide default mechanism kills him. Julia confronts Reilly and confirms they’re in a black out zone in which Reilly is unable to surveil them from orbit before Devon and later John and Alonzo join them in VR. Afterwards, Julia throws the communication device into a deep gorge.

Oops!: Julia tells Devon that the Council is studying five possible planets for resettlement, with G889 the most promising. And, that if the general populace knew about the planet, there would be a mass exodus from the Stations. Yet, in the pilot, it was common knowledge that Devon’s Eden Project was leaving for planet G889 (the newscast, etc.). Also, Julia states that the Council needs to find a way to control the terrians and the planet first. This leads one to believe that Julia knew about the terrians before they arrived on the planet. (My theory is that Julia only learned all this afterwards from Eve/Reilly). In the scene when Devon and co. are discussing how to capture the ZED, the boom mike can clearly be seen behind Walter.

My 2¢: Although it seems Julia was welcomed back much too quickly, Devon’s voice-over stating how it will take time to learn to trust her again alleviates that to some extent. This was a really good episode which set up the dynamic for the remainder of the series, with Devon and John still the lead characters, but Julia and Alonzo now the main secondary couple (rather than Bess and Morgan).

Favorite quote(s):

  • Morgan (to Devon, about Julia): “How about if she comes back, we tie her to a tether, and we pull her behind the transrover for a few days?”
  • Julia (to Devon, Morgan, and Walman): “I know there are factions of the Council that no one ever hears about. Just like there are every other aspect of Station life.”
  • Morgan (to Julia, in reply): “Oh please, spare us the bad apple analogy, will you? I just can’t stand that ‘Oh, I’m just a shiny, red, misunderstood one’ part.”
  • Magus (to John, when he finally checks in): “Where the hell have you been?”
  • Devon (to John): “Just go. Go! I don’t hear your feet moving.”
  • Bess (to Baines, explaining why she thinks John went south initially): “The way he dotes on those vehicles, he would choose the smoothest route possible and every other direction there’s rocks and ruts.”
  • Reilly (to Julia, unaware the others are listening): “And I don’t care what you do with the ZED, the boy is mine. You deliver him or you will die running. Am I clear?”
  • Walman (to Devon, in response): “I’ve got three mag-pros.”

Dev & Danz Factor: There’s a great comical/dramatic ‘on gear’ scene in which Devon tells John to abandon his gun and vehicle, which he refuses to do. Then she tells him not to run, which he does. Then he’s shot. There’s also the operation scene in which Devon, with Julia's guidance, must remove John’s bullet.

11) Moon Cross
collage with scenes from Moon Cross
Cast: Devon, John, Yale, True, Uly, Morgan, Bess, Julia, Alonzo. Regulars: Walman, Magus, Baines, Eben, Denner, Mazatl, Cameron, Zero. Guest stars: Mary (Kelli Williams), Mary’s mother (Laurie Ciarmetaro), Mary’s father (Kevin Wiggins)

Narrator: AlonzoDate Reference: Day 61 (per Alonzo’s beginning commentary)

Synopsis: Yale and Devon are worried about the falling temperatures. John returns from a scouting trip to inform them there is even more snow to the south. Alonzo leaves on another scouting trip. When Uly gets up he tells his mother they aren’t leaving and they will spend the winter in Mary’s Garden. Then he leads her to an abandoned settlement with a geodome. Devon has an auditory and visual hallucination near and inside the dome. Alonzo is attacked by two terrians, but is saved by a human woman who behaves as a terrian. She knocks him out and takes him to a cave where she tells him the attackers are outcasts and tries to explain what Moon Cross is. Yale gets a brain shock when he tries to scan his memory banks for the logo on the side of dome. During a game of hide and seek with True and Uly, Devon has another audio/visual hallucination. Later, during another one, she runs into John who takes her inside to show her the two skeletal remains he and Morgan found while cleaning out the dome. In an attempt to reintroduce her to civilization, Alonzo brings the woman/terrian back with him. Bess promptly gives her a bath with True’s help. Devon figures out that she is Mary. Yale recalls an actual memory about the botanists who built the geodomes and were banned from the Stations. Much to Devon’s dismay, Mary teaches Uly how to fire a lightning staff. When Uly goes to sleep that night, Devon is shocked to hear him trilling. Mary recovers her face with dirt and returns to camp. Devon, who has been keeping a vigil at Uly’s bedside, has a final auditory/visual hallucination and climbs the ladder back to the loft to see Mary hugging the ghost of her mother. Mary finally remembers that it was killing her parents that made the two terrians outcasts. She begs Devon to let Uly go to Moon Cross when Yale comes in to say Uly has left in the ATV. Devon, John, Mary, and Alonzo follow in the dune-rail. Uly convinces the tribe that it is time the outcasts be forgiven and allowed to experience Moon Cross again. Devon helplessly watches as he goes into the misty pool, but when Moon Cross is over he comes out with no memory of what has happened. Alonzo wants Mary to return with them, but she insists the terrians are her family.

My 2¢: A rather confusing episode that attempts to delve into the mysticism of the terrians, but leaves us with more questions than answers. The Mary storyline is easy to understand, but why is Devon the only one experiencing the hallucinations?

Favorite quote(s):

  • Yale (to Devon and Alonzo): “I never knew what cold actually felt like.”
  • Devon (to Julia, about Alonzo): “What? Are we all supposed to pretend we haven’t noticed?”
  • Uly (to True, while playing hide-and-seek with Devon): “You gave it away, True. I could hear you breathing.”
  • True (to Uly): “She found you first.”

Dev & Danz Factor: They’ve only got two partially one-on-one scenes that don’t last very long.

12) Better Living Through Morganite, part I
collage with scenes from Better Living Through Morganite, part I
Cast: Devon, John, Yale, True, Uly, Morgan, Bess, Julia, Alonzo. Regulars: Walman, Magus, Baines, Eben, Denner, Mazatl, Cameron, Zero.

Narrator: MorganDate Reference: Day 66 (per Morgan in beginning commentary)

Synopsis: Morgan confronts Devon about Yale, whom he considers a ticking time bomb. There is an earthquake. Magus tells John she saw a bolt of lightning hit right behind the hill just before the tremors started, so they go to check it out. Yale tells Devon he has a terrible feeling about the place and they need to leave. John and Magus find a glowing mineral that gives off heat. Julia assures Devon, John, Yale, Morgan, and Bess that it is safe and appears to store and release energy with incredible efficiency. They speculate it could be an ideal power source, but Yale cautions it is an unknown substance. He is the only one who hears the sound it’s giving off. Bess and Morgan decide they should stake a claim using the geolock, but Bess wants to ensure it will be worth their while. They discover the geolock is leaking, so they test out one of the canisters to make sure it is working properly. Devon talks with John about Yale who cautions her to be on the look out for warning signs of a memory-wash failure. Bess and Morgan go to investigate the site, but only Bess goes in the cave as Morgan is claustrophobic. John catches Bess in the cave. As she rambles through her excuse for being there, she accidentally refers to the mineral as Morganite and then tells John she’s staking a claim. They then observe the terrians with the Morganite. Julia theorizes the mineral may be some sort of planetary system. Bess changes her mind about staking a claim and Morgan is upset. Devon is working in the geodome’s loft area when John, Baines, Magus, Alonzo, and Walman enter. John states they should keep whatever they decide to themselves as he doesn’t want to get Devon riled up. Unaware she is listening; they discuss a plan to keep Yale under twenty-four-hour armed watch. Later, Uly keeps swinging some of the mineral around during his lesson, even after Devon takes it away from him. Yale lifts Uly up and yells at him. Horrified by his actions he tells Devon she can’t help him and leaves camp. Morgan sets the geolock for the maximum one kilometer range. Devon watches Yale’s goodbye message on his gear stating he’s a danger to the group and not to look for him. Meanwhile, he has taken refuge in the caves and sees Bess when she goes exploring some more. Morgan goes down looking for Bess to warn her about the geolock. While looking for Yale, John sees the geolock. He has no clue what it is, so he brings Devon to look at it. She explains how it is a chemical claim-staker. He then tells her how the Martins have named the mineral Morganite. Yale tries to get Bess to leave the caves because of the terrians, but they go back when they hear Morgan yelling. There’s another earthquake then the geolock goes off. A terrian is petrified.

Oops!: The geolock in this episode has a much-altered appearance from the one in Natural Born Grendlers. The box itself is larger; the cylinders are bigger and stored horizontally rather than vertically; there are multiple number pads that go on the cylinders themselves rather than only one on the actual geolock box; and the commands are voice activated.

My 2¢: It is nice to finally get a glimpse of Yale’s backstory.

Favorite quote(s):

  • Devon (to Morgan): “Yale is not a cyborg. Yale is a human being with peripheral enhancements.”
  • Morgan (to Bess): “Space stations move. Planets don’t move. It was the one thing I liked about this place, Bess. The one thing.”
  • Magus (to John, when he enters the cave against her advice): “Don’t make me come in there and find you.”
  • Yale (to John, Devon, Julia, Bess, and Morgan): “It’s a completely unknown substance. You people embrace every new thing without thinking. It’s lunacy.”
  • John (to Zero, when he asks if the mineral will melt him): “I should be so lucky.”
  • Walman (to John, when he suggests 24-hour armed monitoring of Yale): “Shouldn’t we talk to Devon?”

Dev & Danz Factor: They have a great one-on-one scene when Devon explains why Yale wasn’t recalled when she was a child and they discuss the possibility of his memory-wash failing. Though it is foolish of John to try to hide his later plan to watch Yale, especially when he assured Devon that Yale was his family now, too, he seems genuinely concerned about not upsetting her.

13) Better Living Through Morganite, part II
collage with scenes from Better Living Through Morganite, part II
Cast: Devon, John, Yale, True, Uly, Morgan, Bess, Julia, Alonzo. Regulars: Walman, Magus, Baines, Eben, Denner, Mazatl, Cameron, Zero. Guest stars: Mary (Kelli Williams)

Narrator: MorganDate Reference: Day 68 (per Morgan’s beginning commentary)

Synopsis: Mary and the terrians come to the winter camp to tell the group their machine has crippled the mother and damaged the dreaming. Devon wants to make things right. Alonzo explains the device belongs to two of their crew who they will hold responsible, but Mary informs them they already have the three and the terrians will hold them responsible. When Mary tells Bess, Morgan, and Yale they’ve been sentenced to die, Yale, knowing his memory-wash is failing, convinces her that the Martins are innocent. Mary fires her staff, temporarily blinding the Martins. John wants to threaten the terrians with more geolocks, but Devon is adamant they let Alonzo negotiate. However, he cannot get through on the damaged dreamplane. Julia wants to figure out how the sunstones work, but John argues they don’t have the time. Bess and Morgan arrive back at camp and realize Yale traded himself for their freedom. With the Martins back, John and the others aren’t inclined to go after the terrians. Though she was against their plan, Devon is dismayed all the others are so willing to sacrifice Yale. Mary overhears Yale praying and wants to know who he is talking to. He explains he wants the truth and she places his hand on a sunstone vein, but he pulls away before he sees the complete memory. John is furious when Devon and Alonzo go to the caves to talk face-to-face with the terrians. Yale touches the vein again and finally learns his only crime was stopping a fellow soldier from shooting a group of unarmed scientists and then allowing the scientists to escape. Morgan tries to decrypt the release code for the geolock. His fingers get shocked. Bess suggests he use VR and he is still shocked, but able to go faster. He decodes one of the six levels. Devon tries to convince the terrians they can undo the damage with more time and that she is trustworthy. The terrians trust her, but know the humans don’t always speak with one mind. Matters are not helped when John, Baines, and Walman show up with mag-pros. Devon convinces John to lower their weapons, but the terrians still insist on killing Yale. Mary shocks Yale and they place him in the pool to return to the earth. With help from the sunstones, Morgan manages to decrypt the release code. Bess orders the zone unlocked. Mary saves Yale. However, even though the petrified terrian comes back to life and the damage is undone, the tribe banishes her. Yale asks Mary to stay with them, but she runs off into the woods. Devon and Yale are reunited and he tells her about the small part of his past he has remembered, including his real name, Brayden Croix.

Oops!: No mention is made if they unlock the other zone Bess and Morgan used the geolock on.

My 2¢: It’s terrible that Alonzo, John, Walman, and Magus were so willing to allow Yale to be killed. I wish we’d at least had a scene with them apologizing for it. I also wish we could have learned what Mary’s fate ultimately was. I was relieved that Yale didn’t die or go crazy as he’s one of my favorite characters. I also like that Morgan genuinely matures after the events in this episode.

Favorite quote(s):

  • Devon (scolding the group): “Yale would give his life for any one of you.”
  • John (to Devon, when she convinces him to put down his gun): “I hope you know what you’re talking about.”
  • Yale (to Mary, after she’s banished from the tribe): “Stay. Stay with us.”
  • Morgan (to Bess and Julia, after regaining consciousness): “I love this planet.”
  • Devon (to Yale): “You paid for a heroic act as if you were a criminal.”

Dev & Danz Factor: They spend most of the episode arguing about how to handle the situation. There is a nice moment as they walk in the woods when he’s trying to comfort her about Yale.

14) Grendlers in the Myst
collage with scenes from Grendlers in the Myst
Cast: Devon, John, Yale, True, Uly, Morgan, Bess, Julia, Alonzo. Regulars: Walman, Magus, Baines, Eben, Mazatl, Cameron, Zero. Guest stars: Dell Curry (Francia Di Mase), Whalen (Tim Ransom) [Note: Denner does not appear in this episode.]

Narrator: JohnDate Reference: Day 72 (per John’s beginning commentary)

Synopsis: Alonzo, Morgan, Walman, Baines, and John are tracking a grendler through snowy woods and discover a stash of winter clothing. Back at camp, Yale tells John they may be in for a leap winter which would last twice as long as normal. Morgan mentions he’s been having dreams of his mother, Yale remarks Devon also had a dream about her mother and Julia says she’s been having similar dreams. When Devon comes in she says she’s had another dream, but unlike last night the woman in the dream just felt like her mother but she wasn’t. Then True arrives and excitedly tells John she had a dream about her mother. John tells her they’ll discuss it later. Later, a few members are out surveilling when Morgan intercepts a message on gear from the woman, Dell Curry, they’ve all been dreaming about. During playback, Yale discovers it is a laser-cast signal the gear bands intercept when they are in its path. On their way back to camp, John, Alonzo, Walman, and Baines discover a fortified cabin. Despite Yale and Devon’s urgings of caution they decide to investigate. A figure fires, deliberating missing Alonzo but setting a tree on fire. Bess notices how sad True seems. True tells her how her father never wants to talk about her mother, so they don’t. An angry grendler invades the camp and wants the pouch True found in the cache of winter clothes. They receive another transmission from Dell. Devon and Julia go into VR to determine where she’s transmitting from, but can’t tell. Dell is sending the transmission to her son and knows her husband, Whalen, is trying to kill her. Morgan suggests they trick the receiver in the transrover into thinking Dell’s signal is a distress call to narrow down where it is coming from. While John is working on that, Bess tries to talk with him about True and her mother, but John states it his business. Morgan tells Bess that Devon won’t give her John’s biostat data, but she could have Yale do a public records search of the Stations’ archive. Yale tells Bess and Devon that John was detained for questioning for two days after the accident in which True’s mother was nearly killed. But the report ends there without stating if John was cleared. Devon assures Bess he must have been because off-station accident inquiries are very detailed. The next day they manage to get into the cabin and find a room with numerous human skulls. Morgan is kidnapped from camp by Whalen. Yale and Devon follow the tracks and find him strung upside down in a tree. John, Walman, and Baines, who have been tracking Whalen, arrive. Baines stays to get Morgan down while the group head toward a cave. They meet up with Julia and Alonzo who have been following the grendler who is wounded. Once inside, they split up and each take separate caves. They can hear Dell and Whalen talking. Devon is the first to reach them, but when she tries to stop Whalen from firing his weapon, she passes through him as both figures are holograms. Devon figures out that the message is from twenty years ago and the Whalen who kidnapped Morgan is, in fact, the son. Yale finally turns off the perpetual message. Back at camp, Yale explains what else he found out about Eleanor Moore, True’s mother, from the Station repair manifests. It turns out her oxygen supply had been cut off during a routine mission and she has been neuro-dead ever since. She was three months pregnant with True when the accident occurred, and John had not known she was pregnant. He finally tells True about her mother.

Oops!: John states they’ve been bunkered down for twenty some days, yet they just discovered Mary’s Garden eleven days prior. There were, of course, small patches of snow in the episode that is set twenty some days before (The Enemy Within). But “bunkered down” implies they’ve been stationary and they did quite a bit of traveling to reach Mary’s Garden. During Yale’s database search of the Stations’ records, John’s ID number is listed 723154160, yet every time his gear data is shown in the series, his ID number displays as 72315416 (without the end 0).

My 2¢: I always liked learning the backstory about True’s mother and the Dell mystery has grown on me over repeated viewings. I love the sense of teamwork in this episode.

Favorite quote(s):

  • Morgan (to Yale, Julia, and John): “We all having oedipal guilt complexes?”
  • John (to Yale over gear): “Tell Adair we heard that. We’ve decided to make contact anyway.”
  • Julia (to Yale): “Is there a point to this other than getting themselves killed?”
  • Bess (to Morgan, about John and True): “Yeah and it’s also his problem. But just because he’s hiding from it, doesn’t mean True has to be tortured by it.”

Dev & Danz Factor: Not much actual interaction between them, but in the scene where the grendler invades the camp, John grabs True from Bess and shoves her to Devon. Also, Devon is quick to insist John is innocent to Bess. And later, when Bess is baffled as to why John kept Elle a secret from True, she and Yale explain there are probably many reasons. There is also the usual funny banter and amusement when John ignores Devon’s orders and she, likewise, ignores his.

15) The Greatest Love Story Never Told
collage with scenes from The Greatest Love Story Never Told
Cast: Devon, John, Yale, True, Uly, Morgan, Bess, Julia, Alonzo. Regulars: Walman, Baines. Guest stars: Sheppard (Patrick Bachau), The Elder (Roy Dotrice), Ragamuffin (Andrew J Ferchland), Katrina (Lilyan Chauvin) [Note: Magus, Eben, Denner, Mazatl, Cameron, and Zero do not appear in this episode.]

Narrator: noneDate Reference: none

Synopsis: After a wind storm, John is lost and becomes ill. He’s found by the Elder, who takes him to an underground community. In his delirium, John continually calls out for Devon. Devon, Walman, and Baines have been out searching for John with no luck. Julia goes to wake Alonzo so they can help with the search, but Alonzo tells her he knows from his dreams that Devon must go alone. When Devon reaches the coordinates Alonzo gave, she contacts Yale on gear. Soon after she discover that True stowed-away on the dune-rail. Soon Ragamuffin comes to guide them to a series of underground tunnels. Sheppard refuses to speak in front of True. Once he and Devon are alone, he asks about Uly. Concerned how this stranger knows her son’s name, Devon becomes even more alarmed when he rattles off a string of personal information about her. She demands to know where John is, and despite Sheppard’s assurances he is safe, she goes to see for herself. John is still burning up with fever, but Devon wants to leave. The Elder tells Devon she knows Sheppard, but Devon insists she does not. The Elder refuses to allow them to leave, as John is still too feverish, but says he will contact her crew. He uses a hibernating terrian to communicate with Alonzo. Alonzo tells a skeptical Yale, Morgan, and Julia that Devon, True, and John are all safe. Yale wants to go get them, but Alonzo says they can’t. Sheppard tells Devon he is a penal colonist who, using the hibernating terrians, dreamed to her while she was still on the Stations. When he covers her eyes, Devon remembers it was his voice that told her to come here and that the terrians healed Uly just like he said they would. Later, Sheppard goes to see John, but won’t meet his eyes. John becomes suspicious of him when Sheppard questions him about Devon. Katrina tells True that Sheppard is evil and True tells her dad. Meanwhile, Devon goes to the surface to contact her crew herself. Yale notices she is acting strange and obviously not telling him the whole story. John is ready to leave, but Devon is now insisting she was wrong to be frightened and that she won’t leave without Sheppard. When Devon confronts Sheppard about the reason he’s here, he admits to being a murderer, but blames it all on his evil twin sister who blackened his heart and insists he’s spent the past thirty years seeking amends. They kiss. Devon then tells him it is starting to come back to her, but not like normal memories. When Devon wants to know how he lost his eye he tells her it was an accident a long time ago. Devon asks Sheppard to come with them, but he says he can’t. She makes it clear she must leave. John goes looking for Devon and overhears Sheppard and Katrina arguing. She tells him she would hate to have to put out his other eye. The Elder catches him eavesdropping. He tells John not to judge Sheppard too harshly because he doesn’t know the full story. John tells the Elder it’s not right the way Sheppard is messing with Devon’s head. The Elder explains to John the reason Sheppard won’t look at him is because Sheppard knows that John is in love with Devon. In John’s room, Sheppard uses the hibernating terrian to contact Devon on the dreamplane. He makes her promise to tell no one he is coming with them, but Ragamuffin touches the terrian and overhears their plans. He runs to tell True he will miss her and Katrina overhears them. Sheppard comes to say goodbye to John and wants him to promise, whatever happens, that John will take care of Devon. Devon says goodbye as well and the Elder guides them to the surface. Once in the rail, True looks around and informs Devon she doesn’t see Sheppard. When Devon learns that Katrina knows, she rushes back down. Katrina stabs Sheppard in the heart and tries to kill Devon, but John shoots her with the flare gun. Back at camp, John assures True that Devon will be all right. Devon tells Uly she wishes he could have met Sheppard.

Oops!: The idea that Devon knew about the terrians before leaving the Stations is inconsistent with everything that has happened in the series to this point.

My 2¢: Being a diehard Dev & Danz fan, I suppose I am predisposed to not like this episode. FWIW, it actually isn’t my least favorite. I do think it has some good scenes, but overall it’s a very uneven episode. In my defense, I liked Patrick Bachau on The Pretender. He just had absolutely zero chemistry with Debrah Farentino. It’s not even the idea that Devon would fall in love with someone else that bothers me. It’s the huge—very huge—plot inconsistencies. But cést la vie. Once Devon starts “remembering” Sheppard from her dreams she acts rather strange. I’m choosing to believe the reason Sheppard asks John to take care of Devon, no matter what happens, is that Sheppard knew Devon and John belonged with each other. After all, at that point he still though he would be going with them. And I also want to believe that Sheppard really had reformed and was no longer a psychopathic murderer. Though one does have to wonder why TPTB titled the last segment on the US/region 1 DVD release ‘Malignant Guidance’—referring to Sheppard’s instructions to Devon on the dreamplane (malignant is defined as “having an evil influence; very malevolent or malicious”). Hmm…

Favorite quote(s):

  • Devon (to True): “You’re daddy is a very smart man.”
  • Morgan (to Alonzo): “You seem coherent, but you’re not.”
  • True (to John): “Where’s Devon? We have to find her before something happens!”
  • Yale (to Devon, over gear): “What’s going on there? What aren’t you telling me?”
  • John (to True, when she asks if Devon will be okay): “We’ll make sure of it, True-girl.”
  • Uly (to Devon): “I’m glad your home, Mom.”

Dev & Danz Factor: Even though this is the story of Devon’s supposed relationship with Sheppard, it is actually a very strong D&D episode. We’ve got numerous moments of them each being concerned about the other, in particular when Devon insists to know where John is. And the Elder telling John that Sheppard knows John is in love with Devon.

16) Brave New Pacifica
collage with scenes from Brave New Pacifica
Cast: Devon, John, Yale, True, Uly, Morgan, Bess, Julia, Alonzo. Regulars: Walman, Magus, Baines, Denner, Cameron [Note: Eben, Mazatl, and Zero do not appear in this episode.]

Narrator: noneDate Reference: none

Synopsis: John and Alonzo are trying to convince Devon and the group they should go on a long range scout to find paths for the vehicles. Meanwhile, two grendlers have run out of blood vials. One comes to the camp with a crate of fresh fruit to search Julia’s med tent. He’s looking at Julia’s ID when he’s bitten by a spider. When Julia comes in, he gives her flowers as well as the crate. While Julia examines the fruit, John finds a structural maintenance chip which Yale uses his arm’s hollow projector to display. The chip shows their comm dish on the coast of New Pacifica. John and Alonzo decide to use their new snowshoes to track the grendler and are surprised, when they reach a cave, to see Devon and Julia, who took the ridge, already there. Inside the cave they find some of the supplies from their cargo pod, as well as massive spider webs at the entrance to a tunnel vacuum, which Julia theorizes is a time-space fold. Devon and John go back to camp to gather supplies while Julia and Alonzo take the first shift monitoring the cave. When Alonzo goes outside to gather wood for a fire, the other grendler comes and kidnaps Julia. When she wakes up she’s in a cave. The grendler comes back and Julia discovers it’s afraid of the spiders. It wants her to make more blood and she tricks it and it is bit by the spider and becomes very aggressive towards her. Devon and John are arguing about if they should try the vacuum when Alonzo comes back reporting he lost his gear. Since Alonzo has been there and back safely, they decide to all go look for Julia. John runs into a web on the way in and a spider crawls onto his jacket. Devon wakes up on the beach, clutching John’s jacket. Alonzo finds her. There’s no sigh of John, but he can hear Julia in between the gusts of wind. Using Devon’s gear locater they determine Julia is in an underground cave below the water. Meanwhile, John is in a small dead end tunnel. He hears Devon and Alonzo talking and yells. They get him out of the cramped tunnel. Julia gets away from the grendlers and they meet up on the beach. Later, after they have walked along the shoreline for about ten kilometers, John realizes they are actually on the east coast. When they get back to the cave entrance, Alonzo puts John’s jacket on and is bitten by the spider. When he screams, the others rush back. Alonzo sees Devon and whispers her name as he passes out. Suddenly the vacuum stops. When Alonzo wakes up he is gushing about Devon. Julia goes outside to get some water and Devon follows her. Julia figures out the spider bites caused completely opposite reactions. Alonzo is telling John how it’s like he saw Devon for the first time and waxing poetic about her many virtues. John punches him in the jaw. They realize they must have brought a spider through with them and the positive and negative neutralized the vacuum. Julia lures the nice grendler into the cave and they let it be bitten repeatedly until they determine which spider doesn’t belong. They all make it back to the first cave okay and tell the other members there won’t be any separate scouting missions and they will all stay together as a group, even if it means camping out at Mary’s Garden for the whole winter.

Oops!: Why the first grendler’s spider bite (that made him like Julia) lasts for so long–and through multiple negative spider bites–is unclear.

My 2¢: A very fun episode. It is one of my favorites just for all of the great scenes between Devon and John and Julia and Alonzo.

Favorite quote(s):

  • Baines (to Devon, when she tells John his assumption she would have shot down his plan earlier is ridiculous): “So is this idea. It’s completely harebrained.”
  • Julia (to the grendler): “Okay. Okay. I’ll make you a batch of blood.”
  • Devon (to Alonzo): “It just wouldn’t be New Pacifica without John. God, I hate to admit how much I’ve come to depend on that man.”
  • Devon (to John, when he says Alonzo is groggy): “Yeah, I think he’s delirious.”
  • Julia (to Devon, about Alonso): “I’m, uh, gonna get some water. Maybe dousing him will cool him off.”
  • John (to Alonzo, when he is extolling Devon’s many virtues): “You wanna give it a rest?”
  • John (to Devon and Julia, after he punches Alonzo): “He, uh, had a relapse.”

Dev & Danz Factor: We have all the usual amusing bickering. There’s the look on John’s face when he overhears Devon talking to Alonzo while stuck in the small tunnel. And their priceless “Why did you let go!?” argument after they pull John out. Plus the hilarious scenes in which Alonzo thinks he’s in love with Devon and John punches him in the jaw. Finally, we have the poignant–and entirely too short–seaside chat about getting to New Pacifica.

17) The Boy Who Would Be Terrian King
collage with scenes from The Boy Who Would Be Terrian King
Cast: Devon, John, Yale, True, Uly, Morgan, Bess, Julia, Alonzo. Regulars: Walman, Magus, Baines, Eben, Denner, Mazatl, Cameron. Guest stars: Adult Ulysses Adair (Michael Reilly Burke), Adult True Danziger (Kathy Molter), Max (Nicholas Sadler) [Note: Zero does not appear in this episode.]

Narrator: UlyDate Reference: Day 104 (per Uly’s beginning commentary) / parts set 16 years later (per adult Uly’s conversation on dreamplane with Devon)

Synopsis: [Future] Uly is taken prisoner when he tries to sabotage some type of public works.
[Present] It’s the day before Uly’s 9th birthday and everyone is gathering firewood. True and Uly are bickering over a swing and Devon sends them both out to help Yale. While scouting for a pass in the higher elevations, Alonzo, Magus, and Baines are attacked by a tribe of terrians who warn them to keep away from their land.
[Future] Max reads off the charges against Uly and wants him to sign a new treaty. When he refuses, Max lets Uly know Devon couldn’t resist intervening on his behalf. Uly tells Max his mother has no influence over him as they aren’t even on speaking terms. Devon and Uly talk. They end up in an argument about how best to handle the difficulties between the Expansionist Party and the terrians. Devon tells Uly that Max has a surgeon standing by to perform a chromo-alt to permanently remove his terrian qualities. Max is listening in on their conversation.
[Present] Devon tucks Uly into bed and she tells him about the day he was born. When she goes to sleep, the adult Uly talks to her on the dreamplane. She doesn’t believe him. He tells her he remembers his birthday and that Yale gave him a sled he made himself. He tells her the reason the terrians sent him back in time on the dreamplane is they are camped near to where he is now. Little Uly wakes his mom up because he thinks she’s having a bad dream. Meanwhile, True finds a sick koba.
[Future] Devon tells Max she’s secured him 10,000 additional hectares if he will just let Uly go. She reminds Max she pleaded with his father to allow the terrians to heal him, but that his father wouldn’t allow it. Max orders the surgery on Uly to proceed.
[Present] Uly is opening his presents. Bess and Morgan give him some chocolate. Devon is shocked when Yale really does give Uly a sled. She goes to see Julia for a mild sedative so she can take a nap. Once on the dreamplane, she tells Uly she is so happy to see him grown and healthy. He tells her the terrians don’t share their sense of time and this is only one possible future. He asks her to get the sample of his DNA from after the terrians saved him and to send his young self to the cave on the terrians’ land. Devon is worried he’ll be frightened, but Uly assures her that if she tells him he can do it, he will be able to because he’s always believed her. After explaining where to take the sample, he clutches his head in agony. Devon promises she will get the sample right away.
[Future] On the surgical table, Uly says aloud to forget what he’s asked. Not to send him in as he can’t help protect him. Max taunts Devon, who shoves him down. She breaks away from her guard who then shoves her head against the glass, knocking her unconscious.
[Present] Devon sneaks into the med tent for the sample. She asks Julia to inform the others she’s taken Uly sledding. True tells Yale about the koba. He wants her to tell the group, but she asks if just the two of them can help it.
[Future] Devon is now shackled. The guard removes her leg shackles so she can go to see Uly who is waking up from the surgery. She purposely drops his water glass and Max gives in and allows her wrist shackles to be removed. She promptly hides a laser scalpel in her pocket.
[Present] Devon takes Uly sledding. When they reach the forbidden area, she tells Uly the terrians have a test for him. She explains how to get to the chamber in the caves and where to hide the sample. After she sends him in, Alonzo contacts her on gear to let her know the reason the terrians want them off their land is that this particular tribe wants nothing to do with Uly. Devon rushes into the cave, but is rendered unconscious by a terrian. Despite the terrians trying to stop him, Uly manages to hide the sample. Yale tells True he thinks the koba may have been trying to hibernate. They manage to locate his nest. Devon wakes up outside in the snow, but soon finds Uly who has completed his “test.”
[Future] Uly is sitting in a wheelchair. Max comes in to tell Devon he’s graciously dropped the assault charges against her and that she and Uly will be free to leave once he signs the treaty. She grabs him and points the laser scalpel at his neck while Uly knocks out one of the guards with his synthetic meds inhaler. They manage to escape. Meanwhile, a terrian uncovers the DNA sample and hands it to True. Once True has performed the surgery to restore his terrian DNA, Devon wonders where the DNA sample came from. True asks Uly when he has regained consciousness and Uly asks his mother if she can answer. Devon has only a vague recollection of leaving it once when they were sledding, Uly tells the terrian that is a good sign. He apologizes to his mother, but she assures him that no mater how much they have disagreed, she has always been proud of the man he’s become.
[Present] True and Yale relocate the koba far from camp. On the dreamplane, Devon scolds Uly for lying to her. Uly tells her he knew nothing could compete with the voice in her heart that always puts him first and that he knows she won’t stay mad at him forever. She tells him a mother never forgets, but he promises her she will forget about this. Devon wakes up to the sounds of Uly and True arguing over the sled. John sends them both outside and tells Devon they need to learn how to share. Devon tells John not to worry, she has a feeling they will grow up to be great friends.

Oops!: Uly asks Devon if she was happy to see him when he was born even though he was sick, but in the pilot episode it is established Uly wasn’t diagnosed with the Syndrome until he was 2. (Of course, he could have been a sickly infant, too, and they just didn’t know what was wrong with him.) This episode is out of order on the US/region 1 DVD release.

My 2¢: A really good episode that gives us a small glimpse sixteen years into the future. Despite the distinct lack of D&D, it is another one of my favorites.

Favorite quote(s):

  • Max (to adult Uly, when he mentions the murder of twelve terrians): “That was unfortunate.”
  • adult Uly (to older Devon): “It always comes back to me, doesn’t it? Who can’t see the bigger picture here, Mom?”
  • True (to Yale, when he asks where the koba is): “You’re sitting on it.”
  • Uly (about Devon, in narration): “You know, it’s a funny thing about grown-ups. Sometimes you just can’t understand what’s going on inside their heads.”
  • adult Uly (to older Devon): “I don’t know which I owe you most: thanks for saving me… or an apology for selling you short.”
  • Devon (to John, about True and Uly): “I think they’re going to grow up to be very good friends.”
  • John (to Devon): “Whatever you say.”

Dev & Danz Factor: The episode concentrates mainly on Devon and Uly, but D&D do have the one cute scene at the end when they’re talking about their kids.

18) After the Thaw
collage with scenes from After the Thaw
Cast: Devon, John, Yale, True, Uly, Morgan, Bess, Julia, Alonzo. Regulars: Walman, Magus, Baines, Eben, Denner, Mazatl, Cameron, Zero. Guest stars: The Elder (Roy Dotrice), Ragamuffin (Andrew J Ferchland)

Narrator: Alonzo Date Reference: Day 109 (per Alonzo’s beginning commentary)

Synopsis: John, Walman, and Julia are foraging for edible plants when Julia discovers the body of an ancient terrian preserved in a block of ice. Against John’s better judgment, they bring the corpse back to camp. Preliminary tests indicate it is 300,000 years old and that it’s emitting an energy field. The next morning Baines, Walman, Alonzo and Morgan discover they have all had the same nightmare about wrestling with the terrian, but Julia dismisses their concerns. John admits he’s had the nightmare, too, but insists they should be more concerned with their food supply. When Julia rescans the body she notices the energy field is gone. While on guard duty that night, Walman discovers the tent has been ransacked and much of the equipment, including the radiometer, has been destroyed. Magus discovers the mutilated body of a grendler. Baines locks himself in the transrover and refuses to come out. John burns the body of the terrian. The generator is destroyed and paranoia runs rampant. Devon and John go to see the Elder, who tells them that the terrians were once more individuated than they are now and that they believe all their emotions and primordial aspects were frozen into a single terrian who was then swallowed by the earth. Since the energy escaped it must have sought a new host in one of the group. Devon and John scan everyone with the jerry-rigged radiometer, but only they know it isn’t really working. When John scans Alonzo, Alonzo realizes John is the one possessed, but John tells Devon it is Alonzo. They struggle. Alonzo slashes John’s face and escapes. Over John’s protests, Devon and Julia insist on going with him. The Elder explains to Alonzo that he must battle the demon on the dreamplane. Devon tricks John and gets the mag-pro away from him. He chases her and Julia into the cavern where Alonzo is. John and Alonzo struggle and the demon goes into Alonzo who successfully defeats it on the dreamplane. John has no memory of the time he was possessed, but apologizes to Alonzo anyway.

Oops!: In the beginning, Alonzo states it is their 40th day stuck in the biodome, but it is actually their 48th. The morning after they bring the terrian corpse back to camp, John states he did have a dream about it. Yet, when he and Devon are questioning Alonzo, he says he hasn’t had any dreams about it. (This might be because the demon first possessed the grendler and didn’t move on to John until later that day or evening.) This episode is out of order on the US/region 1 DVD release.

My 2¢: Another fun episode which works on multiple levels.

Favorite quote(s):

  • John (to Alonzo, Julia, Bess, Morgan, Walman, and Baines): “Everybody relax. Honestly, you’re more childish than my daughter.”
  • Baines (to Walman, when he relieves him on sentry duty): “Energy or no energy, Ice Cube Harry in there is freakin’ me out.”
  • Yale (to Julia): “I certainly would be perturbed if I heard that someone had dug up my grandfather.”
  • Julia (to Alonzo): “You’re not giving into this paranoia yourself, are you? ‘Cause if you are you can always curl up next to Baines in the transrover.”
  • Morgan (to Devon and John): “Y-you’d make sure that I didn’t hurt anyone, or worse, hurt myself.”
  • Devon (to John): “He didn’t seem any different than the Morgan Martin we’ve come to know and love.”

Dev & Danz Factor: They have several one-on-one scenes, but all concentrate on the on-going mystery.

19) Survival of the Fittest
collage with scenes from Survival of the Fittest
Cast: Devon, John, Yale, True, Uly, Morgan, Bess, Julia, Alonzo. Regulars: Walman, Magus, Baines, Eben, Denner, Mazatl, Cameron, Zero.

Narrator: John Date Reference: Day 117 (per John’s beginning commentary)

Synopsis: John, Morgan, Julia and Alonzo are on day eight of scouting trip to locate cargo pod #9. Devon tells them they finally got a solid reading, but that the pod is still 250 klicks from where they’re at. She orders them to come back, but they all want to keep going except Morgan. They reach the pod on day ten, only to discover it severely damaged and completely empty. Bess is yelling at Devon when True comes in. Devon tells True she won’t lie her and that the scouting party is in trouble, but True has faith her father will see them through. Yale insists Devon stay at camp, so he and Walman set off in the ATV to find them. On day thirteen, they are all arguing. John turns around to shout at Morgan and ends up crashing the dune-rail. Morgan is badly injured. On day seventeen, Yale and Walman locate them. They manage to get the rail upright, and while Walman is fixing it, Yale tells him the mag-pro has been fired. They finally make it back to camp. Morgan has a nightmare. The next morning they find the body of a dead grendler propped up in camp. It was killed by a mag-pro blast. Devon asks John what happened. In John’s flashback version of events, after the crash, he spotted a grendler. He tells Alonzo who is gung-ho to track it with him. Julia tries to talk them out of it. They track the grendler to an underground series of caves. The grendler shoves John, knocking him down and he drops the gun. Alonzo is standing on the other side of the small cave. The grendler growls at them and appears to rush John and he shoots it. Another grendler has appeared at the edge of camp and just stays there. In the flashback version Alonzo tells Devon, a crazed John spots the grendler and wants to track it. Alonzo isn’t so sure, Julia tries to talk John out of it, but he takes off. Alonzo only goes along so John won’t be alone and Alonzo keeps suggesting they go back. They find the underground caves; the grendler pushes John, who drops the gun. Alonzo is standing in the same spot on the other side of the cave. The grendler growls at them and Alonzo yells at John not to shoot just as John fires. He tells Devon that John didn’t need to shoot it. The grendler is still at the edge of camp and Baines and Walman want to scare it away. Alonzo argues they can’t blast their way across the planet. Walman insists something else must have happened that they aren’t telling them. Morgan’s version of the flashback has John wanting to go back and eat the grendler. Alonzo is horrified and accuses John of wanting to kill it all along. They get into a physical altercation. Julia tells Alonzo just a little of it may be enough to save their lives otherwise they will die. Morgan tells them he doesn’t want to die. Some in the group are appalled that they ate the grendler, but others argue it’s just an animal. John insists it wasn’t his plan to shoot the grendler, but it attacked them and he had no choice. Julia’s flashback picks up where Morgan’s left off. She and John go to the cave. While John waits outside, she harvests part of the dead grendler. Then she discovers a now dead baby grendler near to where Alonzo had been standing. This is the first John hears of this and he leaves. Later that night, Bess tells Morgan she would have done the same thing and that what’s important is they survived. John tells True he was scared he wouldn’t make it back to her. He wonders if maybe he did see it wrong and True tells him it was just an accident. John says he’ll never really know for sure. In the morning True is missing. Since the grendler is now gone, too, John thinks she’s been kidnapped. However, Yale and Devon find tracks that prove True went to the grendler. John and Alonzo find True and the grendler and power up their mag-pros. True assures her father that the grendler doesn’t want to hurt her. John apologizes to the grendler and tells him he did not mean to shoot the other grendler, but that she didn’t die in vain. He begs the grendler not to hurt True and offers his life for hers. The grendler lets her go and True explains that the grendler didn’t want to hurt anyone; he just wanted to know why. John buries the mother grendler as the other grendler looks on.

My 2¢: An interesting episode. John’s flashback version was obviously the real one as it fits with Julia’s (that the grendler was acting so aggressive because of the baby). Also, in Alonzo’s version, John is so over-the-top rabid and Alonzo is so faultless and idealized at every stage it was ridiculous. That is not the Alonzo we know. Plus John is mature enough to admit he has faults whereas Alonzo simply isn’t. I love the little moment at the end of the scene when they’ve finally make it back and as they’re all walking toward the biodome Devon turns around to check on Mazatl (who is now driving the ATV) as she wants to ensure everyone is present and accounted for.

Favorite quote(s):

  • Morgan (to John, Julia, and Alonzo): “The next time I volunteer for something, remind me how unsuited I am for this kind of stress.”
  • Bess (to Devon and Yale, about John, Morgan, Julia, and Alonzo): “They were all raised on the Stations, they have no idea what they’re up against.”
  • Devon (to True): “The scouting party’s in trouble. I’m not going to lie to you.”
  • Walman (to Devon): “Devon, don’t worry. No one’s going to lose anyone.”
  • Walman (to Yale): “But you’re not buying it.”
  • Yale (to Walman, in reply): “I don’t know. Something went on here, that’s for sure.”
  • John (to Devon, once they’re back): “Sorry, Adair. Looks like I put you all through hell for nothin’.”
  • Julia (to Alonzo, when he accuses her of taking John’s side): “I’m not taking his side, I’m taking our side.”
  • True (to John): “Dad, it didn’t wanna hurt you or anybody else. It didn’t want revenge. It just wanted to know why.”

Dev & Danz Factor: The usual one-orders-but-the-other-doesn’t-listen scene as well as lots of concerned looks.

20) Flower Child
collage with scenes from Flower Child
Cast: Devon, John, Yale, True, Uly, Morgan, Bess, Julia, Alonzo. Regulars: Walman, Magus, Baines, Denner, Mazatl, Cameron, Zero. [Note: Eben may appear briefly in the last scene. I can’t really tell who is driving the dune-rail as Alonzo is walking with Denner.]

Narrator: MorganDate Reference: Day 130 (per Morgan’s beginning commentary)

Synopsis: While on a scout, Bess finds some pretty flowers and she and John inhale a spurt of powder. Morgan and Alonzo spot what appears to be a pass out of the mountains. Devon agrees they can start packing and that if it continues to get warmer they will leave. Bess gets a laser cut from the perimeter defense system, but doesn’t know why she’s outside. When Julia checks, the cut is no longer there. She then begins to complain of stomach pains. Based on her hormone levels, Julia suspects Bess is pregnant. True rushes in to say something is wrong with her dad. When Julia checks him, he has the same hormone levels as Bess. Julia collects a sample of the powder. She runs tests, but finds nothing. John and Bess both sneak into the med tent to see the sample. Bess is able to make it glow by touching the container. John exhales a vapor and wants to know what it is. The commotion wakes Julia and John demands she get the substance out of him. Bess tells Julia she feels fine and doesn’t want the organism removed. Many in camp feel they should force her to do so, but Devon sides with Bess and Morgan. While loading the transrover the next day, Bess cuts her hand. When Morgan tries to examine it, she exhales a vapor that burns his eye. Devon tells Bess they need to remove the organism, but Bess warns everyone to back off. Julia hands Morgan a sedaderm which he sneakily injects Bess with. They suck the organism out of her lungs, but Julia warns that both Bess and John still have it in their bloodstream. Bess begs Morgan to take her north. When he asks Julia if he can just do so, Julia says she’s not well enough to travel. Bess manages to break free of her restraints and leaves without her shoes or coat. Morgan follows on foot and Julia and Alonzo take the dune-rail. Yale runs more tests on the sample and theorizes it may work like pollen. Julia and Alonzo find a dead grendler covered with the powder. Once he catches up to her, Morgan manages to get Bess to stop long enough to put on her coat and shoes. Julia wants him to stall her, but Morgan lets her go, leaving his gear behind. When Bess falls down a rocky embankment and passes out, Morgan inhales some of the dust so that he will know where they need to go and begins to carry her. Meanwhile, John tells them of the strange dream he’s been having. Julia and Alonzo finally catch up to them and manage to tie a rope around their ankles with the other end connected to the rail. Bess and Morgan crawl until they go into a huge crevice. They cough up the vapor. Julia and Alonzo pull them out. Shortly after, a colorful geyser shoots up from the crevice and the air immediately warms up and becomes humid. The next day they pack up the winter camp with plans to move on toward New Pacifica.

Oops!: Morgan states they’ve been stuck in the biodome for 81 days, yet they just discovered it 69 days ago. On the US/region 1 DVD release, the subtitles have Baines saying “Gail”, but it sounds more like “Denner” (which is the name of the character he is speaking to).This episode is out of order on the US/region 1 DVD release.

My 2¢: One of the most mystical episodes of the series. It was nice to finally see another strong Bess and Morgan episode as their characters had taken a backseat to the Julia and Alonzo romance.

Favorite quote(s):

  • Morgan (to John): “It looks like you’ve been eating puff pastries.”
  • Devon (to group): “Morgan is absolutely right.”
  • Julia (to Morgan, about the medication): “If you can’t make her take it, I will.”
  • Morgan (to Bess, after she’s been running all night): “No offense, but you look like hell.”
  • Bess (to Morgan): “Morgan, just trust me, okay? Trust me.”
  • Yale (to Julia, when she asks what he thinks it wants): “Well, I don't know. But it's a safe bet that…whatever Bess finds at the other end of that journey will be something other than a pretty flower.”

Dev & Danz Factor: The usual looks and smiles. Their only non-group moment comes when Devon is forcing John to take his medicine.

21) All About Eve
collage with scenes from All About Eve
Cast: Devon, John, Yale, True, Uly, Morgan, Bess, Julia, Alonzo. Regulars: Walman, Magus, Baines, Eben, Denner, Mazatl, Cameron, Zero. Guest stars: Reilly (Terry O’Quinn), Dr. Elizabeth Anson (Margaret Gibson), Dr. Franklin Bennett (Christopher Neame) [Note: Eben dies off-screen before the episode begins, but she does appear during the autopsy scene]

Narrators: Julia and Devon Date Reference: none

Synopsis: The group gathers for Eben’s funeral. Six days ago they all started experiencing dizziness and progressive loss of motor control, but Julia has no clue what’s wrong. While in VR, Morgan is joined by a man named Franklin Bennett who tells him Julia can be of no help but he can. Morgan programs the transrover to stop at a specific set of coordinates. When they reach that point they find an old Earth ship. Inside are several people in cold sleep. Morgan is shocked to see one of them is Franklin. While Devon, John, Yale, and Julia are discussing what they should do, Morgan initiates the program to wake them up. However, all of the pods fail except two. When Franklin and Elizabeth wake up, they are horrified to learn they are still on G889. Elizabeth explains they were part of the Council’s first advance teams. Franklin asks more questions than he answers. Bess collapses. When Elizabeth learns one of the crew has already died, she asks to examine the body. She pulls a biostat chip from Eben’s brain and explains it’s used to monitor life signs. She helped design them. When John points out he never consented to have a chip implanted, Franklin says they were probably given in a vaccine and the doctors wouldn’t have even been aware of it. Morgan wants his removed, by Elizabeth explains they can’t be. Franklin sneaks back to the ship to contact Eve. John, Devon, Yale, Julia, and Alonzo follow him. Franklin explains that Eve is a computer program. When he asks Eve about the biostat chips, Eve says that is a matter for Reilly. Much to Julia’s chagrin, Reilly appears. He tells them the biostat chip problem will be solved once Franklin uploads a software fix, but Franklin refuses to help. He tells Devon and Julia that Reilly is just a computer generated holographic image constructed by the computer to humanize communications. Franklin wants to be certain that Eve dies. Devon and Yale return to the ship to contact Reilly and confirm Franklin’s story. Devon confronts Reilly with the fact there are no black-out zones and he’s known where they’ve been the entire time. After denying it, eventually Reilly/Eve admits the truth. Devon attempts to convince Franklin and Elizabeth to help them, but they continue to refuse. She then collapses. Devon makes John promise to keep the group together and take care of Uly. Franklin dies from Cold-Sleep Syndrome. Elizabeth tells them she has an idea, but would require Yale’s help. They hook Yale up to Franklin’s CPU. When he starts the numeric scan, John and Julia start writhing in pain. Yale is also hurting, but Devon is unaffected. There’s a huge power surge causing the lights to go out. When power is restored everyone but Devon is unconscious. Once Devon wakes Julia and John and they confirm Yale is alive, Reilly tells them he hopes they feel better and that everything is back to normal. Meanwhile, Elizabeth has taken a turn for the worse. She tells Devon they cannot live here as the planet will reject them. Then she dies. As the group is packing to get on the way again, Devon collapses. She never had a biostat chip. Since Julia doesn’t know what is wrong and Devon is experiencing a total system failure, they put her temporarily into cold sleep on Bennett’s ship.

Oops!: Eben’s last name is spelled SINH on her tombstone, but SYNGE in the credits. In the scene where Devon confronts Franklin and Elizabeth, Alonzo stands to grab Uly and prevent him from running to her. When the scene goes back to Yale and John holding Devon back Alonzo is still shown sitting on the crate. Not an oops, but interesting to note that this was the only episode where the episode title actually appears on screen after the opening credits.

My 2¢: Sad to lose Eben. I love the reveal about Reilly. An emotional cliff-hanger ending for the series (though it’s common knowledge that the reason Devon was placed in a cold sleep at the end of the episode was that Debrah Farentino was pregnant and would have needed extra time off if the series had been renewed). We know her character survives and wasn’t in cold sleep for long per The Boy Who Would Be Terrian King.

Favorite quote(s):

  • Reilly (to Julia): “I really hate it when you nag.”
  • Devon (to Reilly): “I don't believe this. You and Eve are one and the same. That's why you brought us here – because there's something wrong with you and it's the same thing that's wrong with us. And you need us to fix you!”
  • John (to Devon): “Don’t talk. Time to rest.”
  • Devon (to John): “Promise me, John”
  • Reilly (to Elizabeth): “Is it gonna be scary?”

Dev & Danz Factor: There’s a short snippet at the beginning when we see Devon, Uly, True, and John all riding in the dune-rail together. As well as a large quota of shared looks and the great scene after Devon collapses the first time in which she makes him promise her to keep the group together and look after Uly (lots of hair stroking and hand-holding).

Gear Signatures:
Devon (as seen in Better Living Through Morganite, part II; The Greatest Love Story Never Told; Survival of the Fittest
Note: Devon's is the only gear signature that did not have an occupation code. Also, there is a period after her first initial in BLTMP2 and TGLSNT, but not in SOTF).


John (as seen in A Memory Play; Better Living Through Morganite, part II; Survival of the Fittest)


Yale (as seen in Better Living Through Morganite, part I)


Morgan (as seen in Flower Child)


Julia (as seen in First Contact; A Memory Play)


Alonzo (as seen in Grendlers in the Myst)


Magus (as seen in After the Thaw)


Reilly (as seen in The Church of Morgan)


Alex (as seen in A Memory Play)


Broderick (as seen in First Contact)


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