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This site is dedicated to the series Earth 2. The year is 2192 and Earth has become uninhabitable. Most of the population is living in stations orbiting the dying planet. Devon Adair, whose young son is inflicted with a disease known as the Syndrome, has privately funded an expedition to colonize another planet. After 22 years in cold sleep, the advance ship arrives at planet G889. However, the advance ship crashes due to sabotage. The 16 survivors (made up of colonists and the ship’s crew) set off across the continent to reach New Pacifica, where they plan to live. Their colony ship, carrying other syndrome families, is scheduled to arrive in two years. The ship’s crew plans to catch “their ticket home.” That is the premise of this show, which combined science fiction, family drama, political intrigue, comedy, and adventure. The excellent cast was led by Debrah Farentino as Devon Adair and Clancy Brown as John Danziger – otherwise known as Dev & Danz to us shippers :)

Devon Adair & John Danziger:

John with his arm around Devon as they walk in the woods
Why they are the best: because of the wonderful (if not fully explored) chemistry between them. Their relationship was slowly developing on air when NBC canceled the series (BIG mistake!). The storyline was gearing up for a full-blown romance between these two headstrong characters.

Favorite Moment: all the scenes in “Water” – they ran the gamut between their infamous arguments (they fought even when they were agreeing!) and all those secretive looks. It was also the first time the writers consciously wrote in their obvious attraction (though it was evident beforehand, even in the pilot). True to character, they fought their mutual desire.

And they lived happily ever after… with their children in New Pacifica.

Bess Klempt-Martin & Morgan Martin:

Bess laughing and holding the side of Morgan's head as he pauses his shave
Why they are the best: because of their sense of belonging and demonstrating that characters can, in fact, be happily married on TV and still be interesting and fun to watch.

Favorite Moment: In “Church of Morgan” when Bess witnesses Morgan's VR conversation with her father. They resolve their argument/misunderstanding and he asks her to marry him again.

And they lived happily ever after… with their children in New Pacifica.

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