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I've made the galleries small for faster load times.  Pictures and screencaps.
I've grouped these pictures by characters. Within each character(s)' sections, the pictures are in episode order. Pictures with four or more characters are on the groups' pages (except for those involving Devon, John, True, Uly, and Yale with no other characters).
See also collages for numerous screencaps not used here.

Individual Character Galleries

Individual Character Galleries

Devon Adair

Devon: gallery one       Devon: gallery two       Devon: gallery three       Devon: gallery four       Devon: gallery five

John Danziger

John: gallery one       John: gallery two       John: gallery three       John: gallery four       John: gallery five

True Danziger

True: gallery one       True: gallery two       True: gallery three       True: gallery four

Uly Adair

Uly: gallery one       Uly: gallery two       Uly: gallery three


Yale: gallery one       Yale: gallery two       Yale: gallery three

Morgan Martin

Morgan: gallery one       Morgan: gallery two       Morgan: gallery three       Morgan: gallery four

Bess Martin

Bess: gallery one       Bess: gallery two       Bess: gallery three       Bess: gallery four

Julia Heller

Julia: gallery one       Julia: gallery two       Julia: gallery three       Julia: gallery four

Alonzo Solace

Alonzo: gallery one       Alonzo: gallery two       Alonzo: gallery three


Walman: gallery one       Walman: gallery two

L Magus

Magus: gallery one       Magus: gallery two

R Baines

Baines: gallery one       Baines: gallery two

Eben Synge

Eben: gallery


Cameron: gallery


Denner: gallery


Mazatl: gallery


Reilly: gallery

Zero & Guest Stars

Guests: gallery one = Broderick O'Neill / Mary

Guests: gallery two = Alex Wentworth / Les Firestein / Max / the Elder / Zero


Devon & John

D/D: gallery one       D/D: gallery two       D/D: gallery three       D/D: gallery four       D/D: gallery five

Bess & Morgan

Martins: gallery one       Martins: gallery two       Martins: gallery three       Martins: gallery four

Julia & Alonzo

J/A: gallery one       J/A: gallery two

The Adairs, the Danzigers, and Yale

family: gallery one       family: gallery two       family: gallery three       family: gallery four       family: gallery five       family: gallery six

family: gallery seven       family: gallery eight       family: gallery nine       family: gallery ten       family: gallery eleven


Misc: gallery one       Misc: gallery two       Misc: gallery three       Misc: gallery four       Misc: gallery five      

Misc: gallery six       Misc: gallery seven       Misc: gallery eight       Misc: gallery nine       Misc: gallery ten

Misc: gallery eleven       Misc: gallery twelve       Misc: gallery thirteen       Misc: gallery fourteen       Misc: gallery fifteen

Misc: gallery sixteen


Groups: gallery one       Groups: gallery two       Groups: gallery three       Groups: gallery four

Groups: gallery five       Groups: gallery six       Groups: gallery seven       Groups: gallery eight

Book & DVD Covers

books & DVD: gallery
All screencaps were made by me. 
Please do not use any of these photos on another site without first obtaining my permission.  Thanks.

This website is owned by Kelly K 2004-2015.  If you wish to use any content from this site, I ask that you provide a link back here.  Feel free to email me at with any questions.

Earth 2 is the property of Amblin Entertainment and Universal Television. It aired on NBC and repeats aired on the Sci-Fi Channel.

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