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Vids are sorted by category. They are listed alphabetically by song title within each category, except the episode vids which are listed in episode order.

To download vids: right click on title, chose "save target as" and select where you would like the vid to be saved.
HQ vids are available upon request (see below).

Devon & John vids

Bess & Morgan vids

Character vids

Episode vids

I have plans to make vids for the missing episodes, it’s just a matter of finding the right songs.

All vids are .WMV format recorded at 384Kbps. Why? To accommodate those still on dial-up/slow access and to save space on my site. The above vids are available in MPEG-4 High Quality or WMV 9HD High Quality formats and may be available in alternate formats upon request. If you have any questions or comments, please Contact Me

* NOTE: The three Devon & John vids marked with an asterisk were originally made with clips from my VHS copies from the initial NBC airings (years before the DVD version was released). I remade these vids on June 17, 2012 using clips captured from DVD for better picture quality. Except for a few frames (totaling less than one second) here and there to more precisely match the music beats, they contain the exact same moments from the same scenes as the versions I made in 2003 and are dated as such. I even recreated the credit rolls using the same fonts and colors. Though I like to think I have gotten a bit better at making vids in the intervening years, I kept them the same for the nostalgia factor. Plus they are three of my favorite vids I have made because they’re perfect Dev/Danz songs ;)

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Earth 2 is the property of Amblin Entertainment and Universal Television. It aired on NBC and repeats aired on the Sci-Fi Channel.